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Calculations of objects on springs exhibiting simple harmonic motion.

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Measuring the elasticity of materials


Mass & Springs (PhET Simulation)

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  1. A rope can be considered as a spring with a very high spring constant \begin{align*}k,\end{align*}so high, in fact, that you don’t notice the rope stretch at all before it “pulls back.”
    1. What is the \begin{align*}k\end{align*} of a rope that stretches by \begin{align*}1\;\mathrm{mm}\end{align*} when a \begin{align*}100\;\mathrm{kg}\end{align*} weight hangs from it?
    2. If a boy of \begin{align*}50\;\mathrm{kg}\end{align*} hangs from the rope, how far will it stretch?

Answers to Selected Problems

  1. a. \begin{align*}9.8 \times 10^5 \;\mathrm{N/m}\end{align*} b. \begin{align*}0.5 \;\mathrm{mm}\end{align*} 


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