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Applications of Probability

Examples of probability and statistics being used in everyday life.

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Combinations are distinct arrangements of a specified number of objects without regard to order of selection from a specified set.

Complementary Events

Complementary events can occur in a single trial of a given experiment.


A consumer is anyone who purchases or uses a particular product or service.


If something is counterintuitive, it is not what you might initially guess.


Data is information that has been collected to represent real life situations, usually in number form.


A demographic is a specific group of consumers chosen by age, sex, religion, home country, place of residence, music preference, or any other specified characteristic.

Disjoint Events

Disjoint or mutually exclusive events cannot both occur in a single trial of a given experiment.

fair die

A fair die is a die with an equal chance of landing on any side.

Fundamental Counting Principle

The Fundamental Counting Principle states that if an event can be chosen in p different ways and another independent event can be chosen in q different ways, the number of different arrangements of the events is p x q.


A permutation is an arrangement of objects where order is important.


When everyone or everything in a population has an equal chance of being selected, the selection can be said to occur at random.

sample point

A sample point is just one of the possible outcomes in a sample.

Target Audience

A target audience is a particular demographic that is intended to be the main group of consumers of a particular product or service.

unfair die

An unfair die would be more likely to land on a particular number than the others.


In statistics, a variable is simply a characteristic that is being studied.

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