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Number or numbers occurring the most often.

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Sneaker Stats

Fashion is a fabulous industry! Each year, manufacturers and designers create new clothing lines, including new styles of shoes and sneakers. Considering all the different designs, do you know how the fashion industry figures out which style is on top? Well, with a statistical measure, you can find out what’s trending!

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To figure out which new style is most popular, the fashion industry uses a statistical measure—the mode of a data set. The “data set” in this case consists of every new sneaker design. It could be a new Reebok or a new Nike or a new Air Jordan—whatever it is, the new style is included in the data set.

Now how do you find the mode of the data? Remember that the mode is the value that occurs the “most” in a data set. To keep track of the popular styles of sneakers, people in the fashion world look for styles with high sales. The sneaker style with the highest number of shoes sold will be the “mode” of your data set. Once sales have been calculated, the most popular styles of sneakers can be named.

Read about the top sneaker styles of 2012 here: http://kicksoffcourt.com/2013/02/04/best-selling-sneakers-2012/

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Play a numbers game at the first link below to practice finding mean, median, and mode. Then watch a fun animated short about those three statistical measures.



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