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Pie Charts

Central angles of the pie are a percent of 360 degrees.

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Ice Cream Indicators

Do you like ice cream? If you had to choose between vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, which flavor would you eat most often? Asking these two questions seems simple enough, but there are people who make it their business to survey and display data based on questionsand the questions can be as simple as ice cream!

Delicious Decisions

The people at StatCrunch decided to conduct a survey about ice cream. They used Facebook, Twitter, email, and face-to-face communication to ask American adults what flavor of ice cream they ate most often. Once they gathered their data, they decided to display the survey results in a pie chart.

Take a look at this pie chart. Can you draw any conclusions? Based on this pie chart, you can see that chocolate was the most popular choice! Companies like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream use surveys just like this one to determine what flavors to retire and what new flavors to develop.

Check out the rest of StatCrunch's report: http://www.statcrunch.com/5.0/viewreport.php?reportid=25427

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You can experiment with making your own pie charts at the following websites.



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