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“The electronic version allows that textbook to come to life. You can see real life examples of issues that are occurring in our current day.”
—El Paso Independent School District, TX
What People are Saying
“EPISD used CK-12 OER resources to create digital texts. Saved $$ and bought laptops for students!” Tim Holt Director of Instructional services El Paso ISD, TX
“CK-12 has become an integral component of the Tullahoma City Schools curricular program and has served as a great conduit for the open source content we have developed.” Dr. Dan Lawson Director of Schools Tullahoma City Schools, TN
“CK-12 is a great learning tool. I would highly recommend it as an additional resource for engaging a student and enhancing the learning curve.” Arjan Harjani Program Director & Science Chair Providence High School, CA
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