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1.15: Lesson Fifteen

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

The Consonant Sound [d]

1. You can hear the sound [d] at the beginning and end of the word dude. Underline the letters that spell [d]:


2. Now sort the words into these two groups. Be careful! One word goes into both groups:

Words with the [d] spelled ...
<d> <dd>
ducks daddy add
around differing middle
good didn't daddy
beyond behind sudden
world danger hidden
holiday voted muddy
children board reddest
found said
study under

3. Two ways of spelling the sound [d] are <d> and <dd>

Word Find. Find and circle the fifteen words that contain the sound [d]. Write the ones you find in alphabetical order at the bottom of the page:


Words in alphabetical order:

  1. add
  2. children
  3. daddy
  4. different
  5. do
  6. found
  7. had
  8. hidden
  9. middle
  10. muddy
  11. said
  12. study
  13. sudden
  14. today
  15. under

Teaching Notes.

  1. More than 99% of the time [d] is spelled <d> or <dd>. Two important minor spellings of [d] are <ed> in the past tense suffix -ed (as in spelled and rubbed) and <ld> in the four words could, should, would, solder. It is worth noticing that in certain strings of consonants, with an [n] or [I] right in front of it and especially with a fricative like [z] or [f] right after it, [d] can easily get lost in the pronunciation, as in words like lends, fields, grandfather— and handkerchief. Students who routinely leave out the [d] when they pronounce such words (or hear the [d] routinely left out) may have extra trouble remembering to put in the <d> when they spell them.

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