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1.16: Lesson Sixteen

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Test Two

Words: Fill in the blanks:
0. brother [b] = <b>
1. blue [b] = <b>
2. page [P] = <p>
3. below <w> = v or c? v
4. year <y> = v or c? c
5. would <u> = v or c? v
6. quick <u> = v or c? c
7. always <w> = v or c? c; <y> = v or c? v
8. under <u> = v or c? v
9. enough <u> = v or c? v
10. people [p] = <p> and <p>

Teaching Notes.

1. It may be useful to follow up the four items dealing with <u> in class discussion. For instance, you might ask how we know that the <u> in would is a vowel (Answer: because it is not spelling the consonant sound [w] nor is it following the letter <q>). The same is true for the <u> in under and enough. How do we know that the <u> in quick is a consonant? (because it spells the sound [w] and it follows <q>, either of which conditions is enough to make it a consonant). You could then ask for examples of words in which <u> is a consonant but does not follow <q> (language, penguin, extinguish, jaguar, persuade, etc. — and pueblo) or of words in which <u> is a consonant but does not spell [w] (mosquito, antique, grotesque, mosque, unique, bouquet, croquet, etc.). For more information, see the teaching notes for Lesson 4.

This kind of word hunt could be the stuff of a regular bulletin board project: As students find words of the type being hunted for that week, they write them down on a list on the bulletin board and initial them. At the end of the week the champion word hunter is crowned.

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