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10.18: Lesson Forty-two

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The Spelling <nn> and VCC

1. Read over the list carefully. Starting with the vowel right in front of the <nn> in each one, mark the VCC pattern:

& \text{cinnamon } && \text{funnel} && \text{penny} && \text{minnow} && \text{bunny} \\& \quad \text{vcc} && \quad \text{vcc} && \quad \text{vcc} && \quad \text{vcc} && \quad \text{vcc} \\& \text{channel} && \text{tennis} && \text{bonnet} && \text{dinner} && \text{annual} \\& \quad \text{vcc} && \quad \text{vcc} && \quad \text{vcc} && \quad \text{vcc} && \quad \text{vcc}

2. Now sort the words into these five groups:

Words in which the vowel in front of the <nn> is ...
short <\mathrm{a}>, [a] short <e>, [e] short <\mathrm{i}>, [i] short <o>, [o] short <\mathrm{u}>, [u]
channel tennis cinnamon bonnet funnel
annual penny minnow bunny

3. Sometimes the <nn> is necessary right after a short vowel in order to fill out the VCC pattern.

4. Here are some words that contain <nn>. For each one give the reason that [n] is spelled <nn>: Assimilation, Twinning, Simple Addition, or VCC:

Word Reason for <nn>
innocently Simple Addition
innumerable Simple Addition
unnecessarily Simple Addition
beginner Twinning
suddenness Simple Addition
nonnuclear Simple Addition
tennis VCC
annihilation Assimilation
announcement Assimilation
connectedness Assimilation
sunnier Twinning
cinnamon VCC
cannot Simple Addition
conniving Assimilation
funnel VCC
annexes Assimilation
channel VCC
annulment Assimilation
skinniest Twinning

5. So far you have worked with two ways of spelling [n] <n> and <nn> . Remember: The sound [n] is spelled one of these two ways about ninety-nine times out of every one hundred.

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