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10.4: How Do You Spell Long < o >?

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

How Do You Spell [\bar{\mathrm{o}}]?

1. You can hear [\bar{\mathrm{o}}] in the middle of the word vote. Underline the letters that spell [\bar{\mathrm{o}}] in the following words.

& \text{n\underline{o}ble} && \text{\underline{o}mit} && \text{p\underline{o}etry} && \text{v\underline{o}ters} && \text{s\underline{o}lar} \\& \text{supp\underline{o}se} && \text{f\underline{o}e} && \text{pneum\underline{o}nia} && \text{r\underline{o}tate} && \text{\underline{o}mission} \\& \text{em\underline{o}tion} && \text{\underline{o}asis} && \text{sm\underline{o}king} && \text{radi\underline{o}} && \text{m\underline{o}tionless} \\& \text{expl\underline{o}re} && \text{p\underline{o}ems} && \text{teleph\underline{o}ne} && \text{s\underline{o}da} && \text{\underline{o}gle} \\& \text{comm\underline{o}tion} && \text{volcan\underline{o}} && \text{ph\underline{o}t\underline{o}} && \text{w\underline{o}e} && \text{\underline{o}verpass} \\& \text{exp\underline{o}se} && \text{her\underline{o}ic} && \text{w\underline{o}ven} && \text{n\underline{o}el} && \text{vide\underline{o}}

One way of spelling [\bar{\mathrm{o}}] is <o>.

2. You have worked with five different patterns that mark long vowels: VCV, VCle, V#, Ve#, and V.V. Sort the words above into the following five groups:

Words with [
Words with [
VCle V# Ve# V.V

3. The long vowel sound [\bar{\mathrm{o}}] is usually spelled <o> in the pattern VCV, but it is also spelled <o> in the patterns VCle, V#, Ve#, and V.V.

Teaching Notes.

Items 1 and 2. Be sure the students underline both <o>’s in photo and get photo copied into both groups to which it belongs.

Some dictionaries show an alternate pronunciation of ogle with a short <o> [o] rather than a long <o> [\bar{\mathrm{o}}], but the pronunciation with [\bar{\mathrm{o}}] is the more common and it fits the VCle pattern, so it is the pronunciation assumed here.

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