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10.8: Review of [m], [n], and Eng

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Review of [m], [n], and [\mathfrak{y} ]

1. You can hear the sound [m] at the beginning and end of the word mom. You can hear [n] at the beginning and end of none. You can hear the sound [\mathfrak{y} ] at the end of song. The sound [\mathfrak{y}], called eng, does not occur at the beginning of English words.

Each of the following words contains one or more of the three sounds [m], [n], or [\mathfrak{y} ]. Underline the letters that spell them:

& \text{bala\underline{n}ce} && \text{e\underline{m}i\underline{n}e\underline{n}t} && \text{che\underline{m}ical} \\& \text{i\underline{mm}ediately} && \text{ca\underline{n}didate} && \text{co\underline{n}gress} \\& \text{a\underline{n}kle} && \text{k\underline{n}owledge} && \text{i\underline{mm}u\underline{n}e} \\& \text{floati\underline{ng}} && \text{eco\underline{n}o\underline{m}ic} && \text{da\underline{n}ger} \\& \text{ele\underline{m}e\underline{n}t} && \text{bubbli\underline{ng}} && \text{a\underline{nn}ual}

2. Sort the fifteen words into these three groups. Two words will go into more than one group:

Words with the sound ...
[m] [n] [\mathfrak{y} ]
immediately balance economic ankle
element element immune floating
eminent eminent danger bubbling
economic candidate annual congress
chemical knowledge

3. Two ways of spelling [m] are <m> and <mm>. Three ways of spelling [n] are <n> and <nn>, and <kn>. Two ways of spelling [\mathfrak{y} ] are <n> and <ng>.

Word Squares. The following Squares is made up of the fifteen words listed in Item 1, all of which contain the sounds [n] and [\mathfrak{y} ]:

Teaching Notes.

Items 1 and 2. The word congress has two accepted pronunciations: The first, and more frequent, is with [\mathfrak{y} ], [ko\mathfrak{y} gres]; the second is with [n], [ko\mathfrak{y} gres]. Either pronunciation is correct, but students who pick the latter will have to adjust the table, adding a cell to the [n] set and deleting one from the [\mathfrak{y} ] set.

Word Squares. This Squares takes a little thought, but if they are careful to write in only those words of which they are absolutely sure, they should be able to work their way through it with little trouble. Notice that element and eminent could be reversed.

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