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10.9: Lesson Thirty-three

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How Do You Spell [m]?

1. Underline the letters that spell [m] in the following words:

& \text{cru\underline{m}ble} && \text{\underline{m}otionless} && \text{co\underline{m}pared} && \text{u\underline{m}brella} \\& \text{rese\underline{m}ble} && \text{exclai\underline{m}} && \text{costu\underline{m}e} && \text{\underline{m}ortal} \\& \text{ele\underline{m}ent} && \text{\underline{m}innow} && \text{\underline{m}eddle} && \text{econo\underline{m}ics} \\& \text{handso\underline{m}e} && \text{poe\underline{m}} && \text{dia\underline{m}onds} && \text{che\underline{m}ical} \\& \text{e\underline{m}inent} && \text{judge\underline{m}ent} && \text{s\underline{m}oothest} && \text{enor\underline{m}ous}

2. How is [m] spelled in all of these words? ‘m’. More than nine times out often [m] is spelled this way.

3. Now sort the twenty words into these three groups. One word will be in two groups:

Words in which [m] is ....
at the front of the word at the end of the word in the middle of the word
motionless handsome crumble diamonds
minnow exclaim resemble smoothest
meddle poem element umbrella
mortal costume eminent economics
judgement chemical
compared enormous

4. Fill in the blank: Usually [m] is spelled \underline{\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;}.

Word Venn. Into circle A put only words that contain [m]. Into circle B put only words that contain [\mathfrak{y} ]. Into circle C put only words that contain [n].

& \text{anger} && \text{comprehend} && \text{immigrate} && \text{morning} \\& \text{ankle} && \text{emigrant} && \text{instructing} && \text{nibbling} \\& \text{avenue} && \text{floating} && \text{island} && \text{poetry} \\& \text{bubbling} && \text{friendliness} && \text{judgement} && \text{scribble} \\& \text{bundling} && \text{gamble} && \text{junior} && \text{smoking} \\& \text{charming} && \text{handsome} && \text{meaning} && \text{summoning} \\& \text{committing} && \text{humbling} && \text{middle} && \text{suppose} \\& \text{commotion} && \text{husband} && \text{mining} && \text{your}

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