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11.12: Sometimes [r] is Spelled < rr >

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Sometimes [r] is Spelled <rr>

1. Most of the time [r] is spelled <r> - but not always. Here are twenty words in which it is spelled <rr>. Underline the <rr> spellings in each word:

\begin{align*}& \text{i\underline{rr}igation} && \text{inte\underline{rr}upt} && \text{i\underline{rr}itate} && \text{unde\underline{rr}ated} \\ & \text{ove\underline{rr}ipe} && \text{confe\underline{rr}ing} && \text{prefe\underline{rr}ed} && \text{transfe\underline{rr}ing} \\ & \text{refe\underline{rr}ed} && \text{sca\underline{rr}ed} && \text{a\underline{rr}ange} && \text{i\underline{rr}esponsible} \\ & \text{a\underline{rr}est} && \text{co\underline{rr}ectly} && \text{i\underline{rr}egular} && \text{su\underline{rr}endered} \\ & \text{a\underline{rr}ival} && \text{co\underline{rr}uption} && \text{co\underline{rr}espond} && \text{su\underline{rr}oundings}\end{align*}

2. You have seen that we often get double consonants because of simple addition: If a word contains two elements, and the first element ends in a consonant and the second element starts with the same consonant, we get a double consonant. Five of the twenty words have <rr> because of simple addition. Find these five words, write them in the left column below, and then analyze them to show where the <rr> comes from:

Word Analysis
overripe over + ripe
interrupt inter + rupt
underrated under + rated
surrendered sur + rendered
surroundings sur + roundings

3. Twinning Rule. You twin the final consonant of a free stem that has one vowel sound and ends CVC when you add a suffix that starts with a vowel You twin the final consonant of a free stem that has two vowel sounds whenever you add a suffix that starts with a vowel and the stem ends CVC and has strong stress on its final vowel both before and after you add the suffix.

4. In five of the twenty words above, [r] is spelled <rr> because of twinning. List them below and analyze each one to show how twinning produces the <rr> spellings:

Word Analysis
referred refer + r + ed
conferring confer + r + ing
scarred scar + r + ed
preferred prefer + r + ed
transferring transfer + r + ing

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