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11.13: The Spelling < rr > and Assimilation

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The Spelling <rr> and Assimilation

1. Here are the twenty words from the previous lesson that all contain <rr>:


You have seen that five of these twenty words have <rr> because of simple addition and five of them have <rr> because of twinning. Find these ten in the list above and cross them off.

2. When the prefixes ad-, com-, and in- are added to stems that start with an <r>, they assimilate to ar , cor-, and ir- .

3. Ten of the twenty words above with [r] spelled <rr> start with an assimilated form of ad-, com-, or in-. Find them, write them in the left column below, and analyze them to show the assimilation that leads to the <rr>:

Word Analysis: Prefix + Stem
irrigation in + r + rigation
arrest ad+ r + rest
arrival ad + r + rival
correctly com + r + rectly
corruption com+ r + ruption
irritate in + r + ritate
arrange ad + r + range
irregular in + r + regular
correspond com + r + respond
irresponsible in + r + responsible

4. The following words each contain two prefixes and a stem. See if you can analyze them to show where the <rr> comes from:

Word = Prefix1 + Prefix1 + Stem
incorrect = in + com + r + rect
unirritable = un + in + r + ritable
overirrigated = over + in+ r + rigated
uncorrupted = un + com+ r + rupted
rearresting = re + ad+ r + resting
nonsuppotive = non + sub+ p + portive
disarranged = dis + ad+ r + rested
irresponsibly = in+ r + re + sponsibly
unsurprising = un + sur + prising
reninterrupted = re + inter + pret
noninterrupted = non + inter + rupted
disinterested = dis + inter + ested

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