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11.16: Review of [r]

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Review of [r]

WordSpell. In this WordSpell you have the following fourteen letters with which to spell words:


All the words you spell must contain the sound [r] spelled either <rr>, <wr>, or <rh>. You are to spell the words into the boxes below. We have filled in all the [r] spellings for you. The last three lessons have enough example words to fill in the boxes, but you may think of some different words, too.

Words with [r] spelled <rh>:


Words with [r] spelled <rr>:


Words with [r] spelled <wr>:


Teaching Notes.

Obviously, in most cases the words given above are not the only ones that satisfy the requirements of the lesson. Part of the object of this WordSpell is to give the students another chance to recall and write out the words from recent lessons. But another part of it is to give the students a schematic way of processing the information that <wr> and <rh> are typically at the front of words, while <rr> is typically in the middle.

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