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11.22: How Do You Spell [l]?

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How Do You Spell [l]?

1. You can hear the sound [l] at the beginning and end of the word lull. Underline the letters that spell [l] in each of the following words:

abi\underline{l}itywrink\underline{l}efree\underline{l}yannihi\underline{l}ateawhi\underline{l}esymbo\underline{l}bung\underline{l}ecathedra\underline{l}de\underline{l}egatee\underline{l}aborateferti\underline{l}izerregu\underline{l}argui\underline{l}tyhorrib\underline{l}ejung\underline{l}e\underline{l}ieutenantnationa\underline{l}\underline{l}eisure angri\underline{l}y\underline{l}eague

2. Now sort the twenty words into these three groups:

Words with [l]. . .
in the front in the middle at the end
lieutenant ability wrinkle
leisure freely awhile
league annihilate symbol
delegate bungle
elaborate cathedral
fertilizer horrible
regular jungle
guilty national

3. How is [l] spelled in all of these words? <l>. More than nine times out of ten [l] is spelled this way!

Word Squares. This squares contains the following twelve words, each of which contains the sound [l] spelled <l>. We've shown you where the <l>'s go in the words:

6 Letters:awhilebunglejungleleague7 Letters:abilityangrilywrinklesymbol8 Letters:horriblenational10 Letters:annihilatelieutenant

Teaching Notes.

The sounds [l] and [r], called liquids, are closely related. Complications exist for the vowel sounds preceding [l] much as they do for those preceding [r]. Thus, we get long <o> in roll with VCC, and we get short <o> in hall but short <a> in hallow, complications with which the students will work in upcoming lessons. For more on the liquids, see AES, p. 439. For more on the spellings of [l], see AES, pp. 439-47.

Word Squares. Notice that jungle and bungle are interchangeable.

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