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11.23: Sometimes [l] is < l >, Sometimes < ll >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Sometimes [l] is <l>, Sometimes <ll>

1. Underline the letters that spell [l] in the following words:

fina\underline{ll}ycathedra\underline{l}respectfu\underline{ll}y jewe\underline{ll}ikeba\underline{ll}adsco\underline{ll}ieco\underline{ll}apsea\underline{ll}iesfo\underline{ll}owersi\underline{ll}ustrationtai\underline{ll}ighta\underline{ll}egianceannua\underline{ll}yco\underline{ll}ege\underline{l}ieutenantdo\underline{ll}arabi\underline{l}itysha\underline{ll}ownessi\underline{ll}ogicallyco\underline{ll}eague

2. Sort these twenty words into these two groups:

Words in which [l] is spelled ...
<l> <ll>
cathedral finally allies college
lieutenant respectfully followers dollar
ability jewellike illustration shallowness
ballads taillight illogically
collie allegiance colleague
collapse annually

3. Seven of the seventeen words with [I] spelled <ll> have the <ll> in them because of assimilation in the prefix: In three of them the <m> in com- has changed to an <l>. In two the <d> in ad- has changed to an <l>. In two the <n> in in- has changed to an <l>. Find these seven words and sort them into these three groups:

Words with ...
ad- assimilated to al- com- assimilated to col- in- assimilated to il-
allies collapse illustration
allegiance college illogically

4. Sometimes when you add a suffix that starts with <l> to a stem that ends in <l>, you get <ll> because of simple addition: heel + less = heelless. Four of the sixteen words that contain <ll> have two <l>'s because in them a suffix that starts with an <l> has been added to a stem that ends with <l>. Find the four and sort them into these two groups:

Words with the suffix...
-like -ly
jewellike finally

5. Among the words with [l] spelled <ll> there is one compound word in which the <ll>is due to simple addition. That word is taillight

6. There are also five words with [l] spelled <ll> because of the VCC pattern at work. The four are:


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