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11.4: How Do You Spell Long < i >?

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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How Do You Spell Long <i>,[i¯]?

1. You can hear the long <i> sound [i¯] in the word ripe. Most of the time [i¯] us spelled <i> in the regular long vowel patterns VCV, V.V, Ve #, and VCle. Find the <i> that spells [i¯] in each of the following words. Mark the <i> and the letters after it to show which of these four patterns each word contains:

disguisevcvtie ve#trifle vcleacquirevcvbicycle vcvrecognizevcvclient v.vexercisevcvsurvivalvcvpieve#violencev.vsilence vcvappetitevcvannihilatevcvtitle vcleideavcvpioneer v.vfinallyvcvbridle vclehorizonvcvdigestvcvbible vcletriumphv.vlieve#varietyv.v

2. Sort the twenty-five words into these four groups:

Words in which
VCV V.V VCle Ve#
disguise appetite client trifle tie
acquire annihilate violence title pie
bicycle idea pioneer bridle lie
recognize finally triumph bible
exercise horizon variety
survival digest

3. The next most common spelling of [i¯] is <y> in the regular long vowel patterns VCV, V#, Ve#, V.V, and VCle. In each of the following words find the <y> that is spelling [i¯] and mark the pattern that it is in:

analyze vcvbutterfly v#dye ve#occupy v#recyclevclecycle vclemuliply v#typistvcvsupply v#hyacinth v.vunicycle vclerhymevcvqualify v#testify v#style vcvhygiene vcvhyena v.vterrify v#denyingv.vvying v.vtypewriter vcvxylophone vcvdenyingv.vtying v.videntify v#

4. Sort the words into the following five groups:

Words with
V# VCV V.V VCle Ve#
butterfly terrify analyze hyena cycle dye
multiply testify rhyme tying unicycle
occupy deny hygiene hyacinth recycle
qualify identify typewriter vying
supply xylophone denying

5. Both <i> and <y> often spell [i¯] in the V.V pattern when certain suffixes are added to stems that end in <ie>, <ye>, or <y>. Find the letters that are spelling [i¯] in the words below and mark the V.V pattern in each one. Then analyze each word into stem plus suffix to show how the V.V pattern comes about:

Word = Stem + Suffix
identifiable = identify + i + able
multiplying = multiply + ing
liar = lie + ar
drier = dry + i + er
qualifying = qualify + ing
dying = die + y + ing
identifiable = identify + i + able
reliance = rely + i + ance
supplier = supply+ i + er

Teaching Notes.

Item 5. In the analysis of dying, the assumption is that the stem is die. If one assumes that the stem is dye, the analysis becomes dye + ing = dying.

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