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11.7: Lesson Seven

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Review of Long <\mathrm{i}>

1. The most common spelling of [\bar{\mathrm{i}}] is the letter ______ . The second most common spelling of [\bar{\mathrm{i}}] is the letter _____ . Six other less common spellings of [\bar{\mathrm{i}}] are the digraphs ___, ____, ____, _____, _____, ____, and _______.

2. Underline the letters that spell long <\mathrm{i}> in each of the following words:

& \text{ch\underline{i}ld} && \text{l\underline{i}brary} && \text{multipl\underline{ie}s} && \text{b\underline{i}ble} && \text{m\underline{i}croscope} \\ & \text{exerc\underline{i}se} && \text{cl\underline{i}mb} && \text{v\underline{i}brate} && \text{occup\underline{y}} && \text{anal\underline{y}ze} \\& \text{var\underline{i}ety} && \text{s\underline{i}lence} && \text{s\underline{ei}smic} && \text{g\underline{ey}ser} && \text{b\underline{uy}er} \\& \text{multipl\underline{y}} && \text{tr\underline{i}umph} && \text{\underline{i}sland} && \text{t\underline{i}ghten} && \text{\underline{ai}sle} \\& \text{l\underline{ie}s} && \text{\underline{i}dentif\underline{y}} && \text{ass\underline{i}gn} && \text{bl\underline{i}nd} && \text{st\underline{y}le} \\& \text{h\underline{ei}ght} && \text{d\underline{y}e} && \text{hor\underline{i}zon} && \text{acqu\underline{i}re} && \text{v\underline{i}olence} \\& \text{t\underline{i}tle} && \text{n\underline{ei}ther} && \text{cl\underline{i}ent} && \text{c\underline{y}cle} && \text{den\underline{y}}

3 Sort the words into these two groups:

Words in which long
single letter digraph
child climb island acquire height
exercise silence horizon cycle neither
variety triumph client microscope multiplies
multiply identify(x 2) bible analyze seismic
lie dye occupy style geyser
title assign tighten violence buyer
library vibrate blind deny aisle

4. Now sort the words in which [\bar{\mathrm{i}}] is spelled with a single letter into the following seven groups:

Words in which
VCV V.V V# Ve#
exercise variety multiply lie
silence triumph identify dye
identify client occupy
horizon violence deny
Words in which
title library child assign
bible vibrate climb tighten
cycle microscope island blind



1. ISLAND—Land surrounded by water

4. CHILD—A small boy or girl

6. MULTIPLY—The opposite of “divide”

9. SILENCE—The absence of noise

10. CLIMB—Go up

12. ACQUIRE—Buy or get


2. SEISMIC—Dealing with earthquakes

3. DYE—Color cloth or hair

5. BLIND—Not able to see

7. TRIUMPH—Victory

8. LIBRARY—A collection of books

11. LIES—Untruths

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