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12.15: How Do You Spell [g]?

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

How Do You Spell [g]?

1. Underline the letters that spell [g] in the following words:

& \text{reco\underline{g}nize} && \text{disa\underline{g}reement} && \text{\underline{g}raduate} && \text{a\underline{g}riculturalist} \\& \text{resi\underline{g}nation} && \text{an\underline{g}led} &&  \text{polliwo\underline{g}} && \text{dele\underline{g}ate} \\& \text{polter\underline{g}eist} && \text{\underline{g}asoline} && \text{ma\underline{g}azine} && \text{\underline{g}lorious}\\& \text{\underline{g}loomiest} && \text{desi\underline{g}nate} && \text{re\underline{g}ularly} && \text{debu\underline{g}}\\& \text{\underline{g}luey} && \text{ar\underline{g}ued} && \text{in\underline{g}redient} && \text{\underline{g}roceries}\\& \text{su\underline{gg}estion} && \text{an\underline{g}rily} && \text{alli\underline{g}ator} && \text{\underline{g}reasy}

2. Sort the words into these three groups:

Words with [g] . . .
at the front in the middle at the end
gloomiest recognize angrily polliwog
gluey resignation magazine debug
gasoline poltergeist regularly
graduate suggestion ingredient
glorious disagreement alligator
groceries angled agriculturalist
greasy designate delegate

3. How is [g] spelled in all of these words? <g> The sound [g] is spelled that way about nine times out of ten.

4. Usually the sound [g] is spelled <g> . When <g> spells [g], is it called hard <g>

Teaching Notes.

Item 1. A sharp-eyed student may notice that the <g> in poltergeist has an <e> after it and still spells [g] rather than [j]. Poltergeist is a German word that has retained its German spelling, and in German the hard-soft <g> distinction does not work the way it does in English. Poltergeist analyzes to (polter + geist) “noisy or rattly ghost.” Be sure the students see that in suggest the [g] is spelled by just the first <g>, the second <g> spelling [j] because of the following <e>. Similarly, be sure they see that in angled the <n> is spelling [\mathfrak{y}] and the <g> is spelling [g]. The two spellings of [\mathfrak{y}], <ng> and <n>,are examined in Lesson 2 of Book 2. See also AES, pp. 435-38.

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