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12.21: Review of Long Vowel Sounds and Spellings

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Review of Long Vowel Sounds and Spellings

1. Each of the following words contains at least one long vowel. Underline the letters spelling the long vowel sounds:

& \text{str\underline{o}ller} && \text{gl\underline{o}r\underline{i}ous} && \text{h\underline{ye}na} && \text{shall\underline{ow}} && \text{sm\underline{oo}th}\\& \text{\underline{ai}sle} && \text{b\underline{ayou}} && \text{\underline{i}dentif\underline{y}} && \text{per\underline{i}od} && \text{excl\underline{u}sivel\underline{y}}\\& \text{gh\underline{o}st} && \text{court\underline{e}ous} && \text{tr\underline{u}est} && \text{ghett\underline{o}} && \text{stat\underline{u}e}\\& \text{alth\underline{ou}gh} && \text{del\underline{i}ght} && \text{\underline{i}sland} && \text{p\underline{i}on\underline{ee}r} && \text{enth\underline{u}s\underline{i}asm}\\& \text{appr\underline{oa}ch} && \text{\underline{e}vening} && \text{\underline{jew}el} && \text{p\underline{o}etr\underline{y}} && \text{th\underline{ea}ter}\\& \text{m\underline{o}v\underline{ie}s} && \text{gradu\underline{a}te} && \text{kn\underline{ew}} && \text{recip\underline{e}} && \text{tomorr\underline{ow}}\\& \text{resc\underline{u}e} && \text{enr\underline{o}lled} && \text{magaz\underline{i}ne} && \text{div\underline{i}ded} && \text{t\underline{y}pewr\underline{i}ter}\\& \text{br\underline{ea}the} && \text{gl\underline{oo}m\underline{y}} && \text{multipl\underline{y}} && \text{rem\underline{i}nd} && \text{var\underline{i}et\underline{y}}\\& \text{b\underline{uy}er} && \text{g\underline{o}lden} && \text{b\underline{i}ble} && \text{rh\underline{y}me} && \text{v\underline{e}hicle}\\& \text{champ\underline{i}on} && \text{m\underline{o}torc\underline{y}cle} && \text{n\underline{u}cl\underline{e}ar} && \text{r\underline{ou}t\underline{i}ne} && \text{v\underline{i}olence}\\& \text{b\underline{oo}ndoggle} && \text{guarant\underline{ee}} && \text{ob\underline{e}d\underline{i}ence} && \text{sh\underline{o}e} && \text{p\underline{i}an\underline{o}}\\& \text{cl\underline{i}mb} && \text{fr\underline{ee}way} && \text{incl\underline{u}ding} && \text{gh\underline{ou}ls} && \text{comm\underline{u}nit\underline{y}}

2. Sort the words into the following four groups. Some words go into more than one group:

Words with the long vowel sound ...
[\bar{\mathrm{a}}] [\bar{\mathrm{e}}] [\bar{\mathrm{i}}]
graduate movies period aisle multiply
highway breathe pioneer buyer bible
theater champion poetry climb pioneer
glorious recipe bayou divided
courteous routine delight remind
evening exclusively motorcycle rhyme
guarantee enthusiasm hyena typewriter
freeway theater identify variety
hyena variety island violence
magazine vehicle
nuclear piano
[\bar{\mathrm{o}}] [\bar{\mathrm{u}}] or [\mathrm{y}\bar{\mathrm{u}}]
stroller ghetto movies nuclear
ghost poetry rescue including
although tomorrow boondoggler routine
approach piano bayou shoe
glorious stroller graduate ghouls
enrolled gloomy smooth
golden truest exclusively
motorcycle jewel statue
shallow knew enthusiasm

3. Sort the words with digraphs spellings into the following groups:

Words with digraph spellings of the vowel sounds ...
[\bar{\mathrm{a}}] [\bar{\mathrm{e}}] [\bar{\mathrm{i}}]
freeway movies aisle
breathe buyer
guarantee bayou
[\bar{\mathrm{o}}] [\bar{\mathrm{u}}] or [\mathrm{y}\bar{\mathrm{u}}]
although boondoggler routine
approach bayou ghouls
shallow gloomy smooth
tomorrow jewel

4. Sort the words that do not have digraph spellings into the following groups. Some words go into more than one group:

Words with long vowels in the patterns ...
movies divided champion poetry
lorious rhyme glorious enthusiasm
evening routine courteous theater
graduate exclusively graduate variety
motorcycle (x2) enthusiasm hyena violence
hyena theater truest piano
identify typewriter (x2) nuclear
magazine vehicle obedience
obedience community period
including pioneer
V# or Ve# VCC
rescue recipe stroller island
guarantee shoe ghost bible
identify statue climb nuclear
multiply variety delight remind
ghetto piano enrolled
poetry golden

Teaching Notes.

Item 2. We are assuming the verb graduate with [\bar{\mathrm{a}}], not the adjective-noun with [i].

Item 3. One could argue plausibly that the <ee> in guarantee is not a digraph but rather a case of <e> followed by a silent final <e>, thus putting it into the Ve # group.

Item 4. Bible and nuclear can both be treated as instances of the VCle pattern, a regular subpattern that leads to long vowels in what look to be VCC patterns.

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