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12.22: Review of [g], [l], and [r]

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Review of [g], [l], and [r]

1. Underline the letters that spell [g], [l], and [r]:

\begin{align*}& \text{ai\underline{sl}e} && \text{ga\underline{ll}e\underline{r}ies} && \text{inte\underline{rr}upt} && \text{p\underline{l}a\underline{g}ue} && \text{st\underline{r}u\underline{ggl}\underline{i}ng}\\ & \text{a\underline{ll}i\underline{g}ato\underline{r}s} && \text{spa\underline{gh}etti} && \text{i\underline{rr}e\underline{g}u\underline{l}a\underline{r}} && \text{p\underline{r}o\underline{l}o\underline{g}ue} && \text{un\underline{rhy}med}\\ & \text{a\underline{rr}ival} && \text{\underline{gh}ost\underline{l}y} && \text{i\underline{sl}and} && \text{\underline{r}efe\underline{rr}ed} && \text{wate\underline{r\underline{l}}o\underline{gg}ed}\\ & \text{au\underline{x}i\underline{l}i\underline{r}y} && \text{\underline{gu}a\underline{r}antee} && \text{mi\underline{rr}o\underline{r}} && \text{\underline{rh}uba\underline{r}b} && \text{\underline{wr}i\underline{gg\underline{l}}ing}\\ & \text{e\underline{x}act\underline{l}y} && \text{i\underline{ll}ust\underline{r}ate} && \text{mo\underline{r\underline{tg}}age} && \text{sh\underline{r}u\underline{gg}ed} && \text{\underline{wr}ist}\end{align*}ai\underline{sl}ea\underline{ll}i\underline{g}ato\underline{r}sa\underline{rr}ivalau\underline{x}i\underline{l}i\underline{r}ye\underline{x}act\underline{l}yga\underline{ll}e\underline{r}iesspa\underline{gh}etti\underline{gh}ost\underline{l}y\underline{gu}a\underline{r}anteei\underline{ll}ust\underline{r}ateinte\underline{rr}upti\underline{rr}e\underline{g}u\underline{l}a\underline{r}i\underline{sl}andmi\underline{rr}o\underline{r}mo\underline{r\underline{tg}}agep\underline{l}a\underline{g}uep\underline{r}o\underline{l}o\underline{g}ue\underline{r}efe\underline{rr}ed\underline{rh}uba\underline{r}bsh\underline{r}u\underline{gg}edst\underline{r}u\underline{ggl}\underline{i}ngun\underline{rhy}medwate\underline{r\underline{l}}o\underline{gg}ed\underline{wr}i\underline{gg\underline{l}}ing\underline{wr}ist

2. Sort the words into these groups:

Words with [g] spelled . . .
<g> <gg> Other
alligators shrugged auxiliary
galleries struggling exactly
irregular waterlogged spaghetti
plague wriggling ghostly
prologue guarantee
Words with [l] spelled . . .
<l> <ll> Other
arrival plague alligators aisle
auxiliary prologue galleries island
exactly stuggling illustrate
ghostly waterlogged
irregular illustrate
Words with [r] spelled . . .
<r> <rr> Other
alligators mortgage arrival rhubarb
auxiliary referred interrupt unrhymed
galleries rhubarb irregular wriggling
guarantee shrugged mirror wrist
illustrate struggling referred
irregular waterlogged

3. The two words with <gg> due to twinning:

\begin{align*}& shrugged & waterlogged\end{align*}shruggedwaterlogged

4. The two words with <gg> in the VCCle pattern:

\begin{align*}& struggling & wriggling\end{align*}strugglingwriggling

5. The word with <ll> due to assimilation:


6. The word with <rr> due to the VCC pattern:


7. The word with <rr> due to simple addition:


8. The two words with <rr> due to assimilation:

\begin{align*}& arrival & irregular\end{align*}arrivalirregular

Teaching Notes.

Item 1. Students may be puzzled that [g] is said to be spelled <g> in prologue, but <gu> in guarantee. The rationale is that in words like prologue the \begin{align*}<\mathrm{u}>\end{align*}<u> is insulating the <g> from the <e> and so is not part of the actual spelling, just as silent final <e> is a diacritic marking, say, long vowels but is not part of the actual spelling of the vowel sound.However, in guarantee the \begin{align*}<\mathrm{u}>\end{align*}<u> has no insulating function, nor any other function for that matter. It is simply a fossil, a reminder of earlier spellings spelled <gu> and pronounced [gw] (as is true today of most words with initial <gua>.) And so we include it as part of the spelling of the [g].

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