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13.16: Practice with [k] Spelled < c >, < ck >, and < k >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Practice with [k] Spelled <c>, <ck>, and <k>

With this Word Trace you can trace out more than fifty words that contain the sound [k], spelled either <c>, <k>, or <ck>. As you find the words, list them in the three columns described below. Some words will go into more than one column.

Words with [k] spelled ...
<c> <k> <ck>
cad cute uke cock
cads scads coke cocks
cam scam kick kick
cams scams kicks kicks
came scat kid sack
cat scats kids sacks
cats Scot kit sick
cock Scots kits sock
cocks scud kite socks
cod scuds sake suck
cods scum skate sucks
code scums skid
come skids
cot skim
cots skims
cud skit
cuds skits

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