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14.9: Review of Adverbs with -ly

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Review of Adverbs with -ly

1. Use the suffix -ly to turn the following nouns, adjectives, and verbs into adverbs. show the procedures that it takes to make each word. Sometimes you will have to add one suffix, sometimes more than one. Remember that you can often use -less and -ful to turn nouns into adjectives and that you can turn verbs into adjectives by adding -ed or -ing. Sometimes you may think of two adverbs that you can make from a stem word. If so, go ahead and make both of them. Just squeeze them in somewhere.

Noun, Adjective, or Verb Process Adverb
haste hast\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + \begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*} + i + ly hastily
accident accident + al accident + al + ly
actual actual + ly actually
enthusiastic enthusiastic + al + ly enthusiastically
extraordinary extraordinar\begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*}+ i + ly extraordinarily
heart heart + \begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*} + i + ly heartily
origin origin + al + ly originally
promise promis\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing + ly promisingly
necessary necessar\begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*} + i + ly necessarily
patriot patriot + ic + al + ly patriotically
success success + ful + ly successfully
thought thought + less + ly thoughtlessly
disappoint disappoint + ing + ly disappointingly
base bas\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ic + al + ly basically
use us\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ual + ly usually
solemn solemn + ly solemnly
satisfactory satisfactor\begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*} + i + ly satisfactorily
scientific scientific + al + ly scientifically
surprise surpris\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*}+ ing + ly surprisingly
person person + al + ly personally
sun sun + n +\begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*}+ i + ly sunnily
occasion occasion + al + ly occasionally
angry angr\begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*} + i + ly angrily
care care + ful + ly carefully
steady stead\begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*} + i + ly steadily
uneasy uneas\begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*} + i + ly uneasily
logic logic + al + ly logically
immediate immediate + ly immediately
fortune fortunat\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*}+ ate + ly fortunately
admit admit + t + ed + ly admittedly
decide decid\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed + ly decidedly
busy bus\begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*}+ i + ly busily
ecstatic ecstatic + al + ly ecstatically
ice ic\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + \begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*} + i + ly icily
faith faith + ful + ly faithfully

2. Now try some the other way around. Combine the elements you are given to form adverbs:

Elements Adverb
mus\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{e}}\end{align*} + ic + al + ly musically
in + ex + act + ly inexactly
in + co\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{m}}\end{align*}+ r + rect + ly incorrectly
in + stinct + ive + ly instinctively
i\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{n}}\end{align*}+ m + medi + ate + ly immediately
inter + est + ed + ly interestedly
ordin + ar\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{y}}\end{align*} + i + ly ordinarily
su\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{b}}\end{align*}+ c + cinct + ly succinctly
in + e\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{x}}\end{align*}+ f + feet + ive + ly ineffectively
un + hurr\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{y}}\end{align*}+ i + ed + ly unhurriedly
un + doubt + ed + ly undoubtedly
tempor + ar\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{y}}\end{align*}+ i + ly temporarily

Teaching Notes.

Items 1 and 2. It's important that the youngsters put in all of the intermediate steps, as we have done with hastily, showing the intermediate adjective form, hasty that is necessary to use the -ly suffix for changing adjectives to adverbs. Some youngsters may find it easier to figure out in their heads what the adverb is so that they fill out the Adverbs column first and then go back to work out the process that got them there. That's fine, just so long as they eventually get both columns filled out correctly.

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