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16.16: Sometimes [ch] is Spelled < t >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Sometimes [ch] is Spelled <t>

1. About two-thirds of the time [ch] is spelled either <ch> or <tch>, and we can practically always tell when to pick <ch> and when to pick <tch>. About one-third of the time [ch] is spelled <t>. This <t> spelling is very much like the <t> spelling of [sh] and the <d> spelling of [j] with which you have already worked. It, too, is due to palatalization. Underline the letters that spell [ch] in the following words:

2. Now sort the words into these two groups:

Words in which [ch] is follwed by ...
culture situation ritual questions
intellectual mortuary adventurous suggestion
unfortunately eventful virtue indigestion
naurally actual perpetual congestion
spiritual literature statue celestial

2. In these words, which vowel is stressed: the one in front of the [ch] or the one after it? The one in front of it What letter usually follows the <t> that spells [ch]?

3. Most of the time when [ch] is spelled <t>, there is a after the <t>. But often a <t> that spells [ch] is followed by an . In earlier lessons you saw that a <t> right in front of two unstressed vowels spells the sound [sh], as in deletion and spatial. However, when the <t> has an right in front of it, the <t> doesn't spell [sh]; it spells [ch], as in question and celestial. This is another case of a smaller, stronger pattern inside a larger pattern.

4. Below you are given prefixes, bases, and suffixes to combine. In each case you should produce a word that contains [ch] spelled <t> due to palatalization. Show any changes:

Prefixes, Bases, and Suffixes Words with [ch] Spelled <t>
di + gest + ion digestion
spirit + ual spiritual
quest + ion + er questioner
act + ual + ly actually
ad + vent + ur + ous adventurous
script + ur + al scriptural
liter + at + ure literature
virtu + ous virtuous
co + n + gest + ion congestion
celest + ial celestial
per + pet + ual perpetual
su + g + gest + ion + s suggestions

You can see that very nearly all the time when [ch] is spelled <t>, the <t> is either followed by an unstressed or it is followed by the suffix -ion and has an right in front of it.

Teaching Notes.

Item 1. This is the last palatalized spelling with which we will be working. Again the trigger is an old [y]-like glide before the sound that forced the pronunciation of the [t] back against the palate, thus changing it to [ch]. In the few cases like question and celestial, the , which used to be pronounced as a separate sound, eased to a [y] glide and triggered the palatalization.

It is important for the students to see that pattern of a stressed vowel in front of the [ch] and the unstressed vowel(s) after it.

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