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16.18: How Do You Spell [w]?

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How Do You Spell [w]?

1. You can hear the sound [w] at the beginning of the word word. Underline the letters that spell [w] in the following words:

\begin{align*}& \text{\underline{w}affles} && \text{s\underline{w}eaty} && \text{\underline{w}itness} && \text{\underline{w}elfare} \\ & \text{after\underline{w}ard} && \text{\underline{w}eirdest} && \text{\underline{w}eather} && \text{t\underline{w}inkle} \\ & \text{\underline{w}aitress} && \text{s\underline{w}allow} && \text{re\underline{w}eighed} && \text{s\underline{w}eetheart} \\ & \text{bet\underline{w}een} && \text{\underline{w}isdom} && \text{un\underline{w}illingly} && \text{not\underline{w}ithstanding} \\ & \text{\underline{w}altzes} && \text{un\underline{w}orthy} && \text{t\underline{w}entieth} && \text{t\underline{w}elfth} \end{align*}\underline{w}afflesafter\underline{w}ard\underline{w}aitressbet\underline{w}een\underline{w}altzess\underline{w}eaty\underline{w}eirdests\underline{w}allow\underline{w}isdomun\underline{w}orthy\underline{w}itness\underline{w}eatherre\underline{w}eighedun\underline{w}illinglyt\underline{w}entieth\underline{w}elfaret\underline{w}inkles\underline{w}eetheartnot\underline{w}ithstandingt\underline{w}elfth

2. Analyze each of the words as directed in the formula. Key: ‘BB’ = Bound base, ‘FB’ = Free base, ‘BS’ = Bound stem, ‘FS’ = Free Stem, ‘P’ = Prefix, ‘S’ = Suffix:

Word Formula Analysis
waffles FB + S waffle + s
afterward FS + S after + ward
waiters FB + S + S wait + er + s
between P + BS be + tween
waltzes FB + S waltz + es
sweaty FB + S sweat + y
weirdest FB + S weird + est
swallowing FB + S swallow + ing
wisdom BB + S wis + dom
unworthy P + FB + S un + worth + y
witness BB + S wit + ness
weathered FS + S weather + ed
reweighed P + FB + S re + weigh + ed
unwillingly P + FB + S + S un + will + ing + ly
twentieth FS + S twent\begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*} + i + eth
welfare BB + FB wel + fare
twinkling FS + S twinkl\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing
sweetheart FB + FB sweet + heart
notwithstanding FB + FB + FB + S not + with + stand + ing
twelfth BS + S twelf + th

3. Now sort the words into the following two groups:

Words in which the [w] is ...
at the front of an element not at the front of an element
waffles witness between
afterward weathered sweaty
waiters reweighed swallowing
waltzes unwillingly twentieth
weirdest welfare twinkle
wisdom notwithstanding sweetheart
unworthy twelfth

4. In those seven words in which the [w] is not at the front of an element, it is part of a consonant cluster. Do these clusters come at the front of elements in these words? At the front.

5. When [w] is spelled <w>, the <w> either comes at the front of an element or it is in a consonant cluster that comes at the front of an element.

Teaching Notes.

Item 2. The suffix -eth in twentieth is a variant of the more common -th used to form ordinal numbers from cardinals. The form -eth is used for cardinals that end in <y> as in twentieth; and except for first, second, and third, -th is used everywhere else.

Item 4. Other consonant clusters with [w]: dwell, thwart, schwa, and square'.

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