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3.11: The Suffix -ed is Always Spelled < ed >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

The Suffix -ed is Always Spelled <ed>

1. Below are seven words in which -ed is pronounced [id]. Divide each one into a free base and the suffix -ed. Watch out for cases of twinning:

Word in which - ed is pronounced [id]: = Free Base + Suffix
headed = head + ed
wanted = want + ed
ended = end + ed
nodded = nod + d + ed
visited = wait + ed
spotted = spot + t + ed
started = start + ed

2. Listen to the last sound in each of the seven free bases. All seven end in one of just two sounds. What are these two sounds are [d] and [t]

3. The suffix -ed is pronounced [id] when it is added to words that end with the sounds [d] or [t], but it is still spelled <ed>.

Word Flow. This Word Flow allows you twenty-one passes from top to bottom to spell twenty-one different words. Remember to watch out for the condition boxes.

& zipped && zipping && zipper \\& spotted && spotting && spotter \\& opened && opening && opener \\& called && calling && caller \\& followed && following && follower \\& started && starting && starter \\& owned && owning && owner

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