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3.17: Review of the < u > Vowel Sounds

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Review of the Vowel Sounds \begin{align*}[\mathrm{u}]\end{align*}[u], \begin{align*}[\mathrm{\breve{o o}}], [\mathrm{\bar{o o}}],[\mathrm{y}\mathrm{\bar{o o}}]\end{align*}[oo˘],[oo¯],[yoo¯]

1. You can hear the sound \begin{align*}[u]\end{align*}[u] in duck.

You can hear \begin{align*}[\breve{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*}[oo˘] in bull.

You can hear in \begin{align*}[\bar{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*}[oo¯] tuna.

You can hear \begin{align*}[\mathrm{y} \bar{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*}[yoo¯] in mule

2. Underline the letters that spell \begin{align*}[\mathrm{u}], [\breve{\mathrm{o o}}], [\bar{\mathrm{o o}}],\ and\ [\mathrm{y} \bar{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*}:

\begin{align*}& \text{done} && \text{cube} && \text{moons} && \text{should} \\ & \text{could} && \text{buzzer} && \text{review} && \text{too} \\ & \text{use} && \text{rule} && \text{books} && \text{good} \\ & \text{cub} && \text{full} && \text{would} && \text{some}\end{align*}

3. Sort the words into these three groups:

Words like duck with \begin{align*}[\mathrm{u}]:\end{align*} Words like bull with \begin{align*}[\breve{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*}: Words like tuna with \begin{align*}[\bar{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*}: Words like mule with \begin{align*}[\mathrm{y} \bar{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*}:
done could rule use
cub full moons cube
buzzer books too review
some would

4. Sort the words with \begin{align*}\dot{u}\end{align*} into these three groups:

Word with \begin{align*}[\breve{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*} spelled \begin{align*}<\mathrm{u}>\end{align*}: Words with \begin{align*}[\breve{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*} spelled <oo>: Words with \begin{align*}[\breve{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*} spelled <ou>:
pull look could
good would

5. Three ways of spelling \begin{align*}[\breve{\mathrm{o o}}]\end{align*} are \begin{align*}\underline{<u>}\end{align*} , <o>, and <ou>.

Word Changes.

1. Write the word should in the blank:....... should

2. Take away the first two letters and put a <w> at the front of the word:..................... would

3. Take away the second vowel and the second consonant in the word and put another <o> in front of the <d>:....................... wood

4. Change the <w> to the seventh letter of the alphabet:................................. good

5. Change the first <o> to the letter that comes three places after <o> in the alphabet, and then change the <d> to the letter that comes in between <v> and <x> in the alphabet:........ grow

6. Change the first consonant in the word to the second consonant in the alphabet:.... crow

7. Change the <w> to another <o>, and then put a <k> at the end of the word:................. crook

8. Take away the second consonant in the word............. cook

9. Change the first letter of the word to the letter that comes right before it in the alphabet:..................................... book

Riddle: Someone who steals from a library is a \begin{align*}\frac{\mathrm{book}}{\mathrm{word} \#9} \ \frac{\mathrm{crook}}{\mathrm{word} \#7}\end{align*}

Teaching Notes. Since distinguishing among these four sounds may prove difficult for ome students, you may want to look at the Teaching Notes for Lesson 23 in Book One.

Item 2. You may want to point out the similarity in sound and spellling among could, should, would. Try some close sentences, inserting each of the three in turn: They__________ go right now. They ________ eat their broccoli. Ask the students to discuss the changes in meaning from one of the three to another.

The too, two, to homophones are discussed in Lesson Nine of Book 5.

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