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3.23: The Suffix -s

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

The Suffix -s

1. Read the twelve phrases below. Be sure you know what each one means:

& \text{several}\ chairs && \text{one}\ color && \text{all the}\ plates \\& \text{an}\ airport && \text{many}\ shows && \text{each}\ year \\& \text{that}\ elephant && \text{three}\ uncles && \text{some}\ songs \\& \text{both}\ sides && \text{his}\ phone && \text{all}\ mothers

2. Now sort the phrases into these two groups:

Phrases with italicized words that . . .
do not end in <\mathrm{s}> do end in <\mathrm{s}>
an airport several chairs
that elephant both sides
one color many shows
his phone three uncles
each year alll the plates
some songs
all mothers

3. Do the italicized words that do NOT end in <\mathrm{s}> have the meaning “one” or do they have the meaning “more than one”? “one”

4. Do the italicized words that DO end in <s> have the meaning “one” or “more thanone”? “more than one”

5. An element is the smallest part of a written word that adds meaning to the word.Write the letter of the correct definition in each of the three blanks:

A suffix is (c)

(a) an element that carries the basic meaning of a word and can have other elements added to it.

A base is (a)

(b) a base that can stand free by itself as a word.

A free baseis (b)

(c) an element that goes at the end of a word andcannot stand by itself as a word.

6. Each of the italicized words that ends in <\mathrm{s}> has two elements: a free base and the suffix -s. For instance, chairs = chair + s

Chairs means “more than one chair.” If we take the -s away, the free base, chair means “one chair.”

Does the suffix -s add the meaning “one” or does it add the meaning “more than one”? “more than one”

7. Here are the italicized words that end with <\mathrm{s}>. Analyze each one into its free base and suffix:

Word = Free Base + Suffix
chairs = chair + s
plates = plate + s
shows = show + s
uncles = uncle + s
songs = song + s
sides = side + s
mothers = mother + s

Teaching Notes.

This is the first in a long series of lessons dealing with the noun plural suffix and its twoforms, -s and -es.

Item 2. Be sure that the students realize that they are to copy out the entire phrase here, not just the italicized word.

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