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4.12: The Consonant Sounds [l] and [r]

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The consonant Sounds [I] and [r]

1. You can hear [i] at the beginning of the word lay.

You can hear [r] at the beginning of the word ray.

2. The sound [r] is usually spelled <r>, <rr>, or <wr>. The sound [i] is usually spelled <l> or <ll>. Underline the letters that spell [l] or [r]:

\begin{align*}& \text{unti\underline{l}} && \text{co\underline{l}o\underline{r}} && \text{wi\underline{ll}} && \text{squa\underline{r}e} \\ & \text{ea\underline{r}th} && \text{\underline{wr}ite} && \text{pa\underline{rr}ot} && \text{anima\underline{l}} \\ & \text{\underline{wr}ong} && \text{othe\underline{r}} && \text{fo\underline{ll}ow} && \text{so\underline{rr}y} \\ & \text{\underline{l}ion} && \text{\underline{r}ight} && \text{\underline{wr}itten} && \text{gir\underline{l}} \\ & \text{a\underline{l}most} && \text{he\underline{ll}o} && \text{wo\underline{rr}y} && \text{a\underline{rr}ive}\end{align*}

3. Sort the words into these groups. Be careful! Two words go into both groups:

Words with ...
[r] [i]
earth written until will
wrong worry lion follow
color square almost animal
write sorry color girl
other girl hello

4. You should have found two ways to spell [l]:

The sound [l] is spelled <l> in six words.

The sound \begin{align*}[l]\end{align*} is spelled <ll> in three words.

5. Sort the words with [l] into these two groups:

Words with [I] spelled ...
<l> <ll>
until hello
lion will
almost follow

6. Two ways to spell [l] are <l> and <ll> .

Word Pyramids. The following Pyramid is made up of words that contain the sound [l] spelled <l> :

The following Pyramid is made up of words that contain the sound [r] spelled <r>:

Teaching Notes.

More than \begin{align*}99\%\end{align*} of the time [l] is spelled either <l> or <ll>. But the sounds [l] and [r] can have dramatic and complicating effects on vowels that precede them. Lessons 22-26 in Book 6, which deal in some detail with the spellings of [l], raise some of these complications. For more information on [l] and its effects and spellings, see AES, pp. 439-47, especially pp. 440-41, dealing with the still-emerging pattern of usage for <l> and <ll>. For the long <o> before [l] in the regularly short VC# pattern, as in patrol and control, see AES, p. 94; for other long vowels before [l] in VCC strings (hold, roll, child, for example), see pp. 101-02; for the VC'C' le# vs. Vcle# contrast (as in riffle vs. rifle), see “VC'C' le string” and “VC le string” in the AES index.

Word Pyramids. These two Pyramids can be quite demanding. Although not all combinations of the following words can lead to solutions, here are the [I] words that are included in the word animals: (6 letters) animal, manila; salami; lanais,lianas; (5 letters) lanai, liana; slain, snail, nails; alias; limas, mails; lamas; (4 letters) lain, nail; ails, sail, lais; slim, mils; mail; alms, slam, lams; (3 letters) nil; ail; lim, mil; alm, lam; (2 letters) la, li.

In the second Pyramid parrots contains the following [r] words: (6 letters)pastor, (5 letters) roast; ports, sport, strop; (4 letters) soar taro; rots, sort, tors, orts; port; (3 letters) oar; ort, rot, tor, (2 letters) ar (the letter <r>); or.

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