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4.13: More About [r]

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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More About [r]

1. Underline the letters that spell [r]:


2. You should have found three different ways to spell [r]:

Way #1: In nine words [r] is spelled <r>.

Way #2: In four words [r] is spelled <rr>.

Way #3: In three words [r] is spelled <wr>.

3. Now sort the words with [r] into these groups:

Words with [r] spelled ...
Way#1: Way #2: Way #3:
across worry write
earth sorry written
right parrot wrong
together arrive

4. Three ways to spell [r] are <r>, <rr>, and <wr>.

Word Squares. All but three of the words in this Squares contain the sound [r].

Three-letters: ate

Four-letters: over, girl, goes

Five-letters: earth, right, worry, other, wrong, round, often, three

Six-letters: across, writer, parrot, arrive

Seven letters: sorrier, written, another, airport

Eight-letters: together

The words that do not contain [r] are often, goes ,and ate.

Teaching Notes. About 99% of the time [r] is spelled either <r> or <rr>. Nearly all of the remaining 1% is accounted for by the minor spelling <wr> and the even more minor <rh> and <rrh> (as in rhythm and catarrh). Even more so than [l], [r]has a radical effect on vowels that precede it. For a discussion of vowels before [r], see AES, pp. 307-26. For more on the spellings of [r], see pp. 447-55.

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