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4.17: The Meanings of Re-

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The Meanings of Re-

1. Sometimes the prefix re- means “again” and sometimes it means “back.”

2. All of the words below contain the prefix re-. Divide each word into its prefix and its shorter word. Then in the last column write down either “Again” or “Back,” depending on what you think the re- means in that word.

Word = Prefix + Shorter Word Re- means:
repay = re + pay “Back”
recycled = re + cycled “Again”
replace = re + place “Back”
rewriting = re + writing “Again”
rebuild = re + build “Again”
rebounds = re + bounds “Back”
reselling = re + selling “Again”
replayed = re + played Again”
reheat = re + heat “Again”
refueled = re + fueled “Again”
rerunning = re + running “Again”

3. Seven of the shorter words you found above can be divided into an even shorter freebase plus a suffix. Write the seven words in the “Words” column below and divide eachone into its free base and suffix. Show any twinning and final <e> deletion:

Word = Base Word + Suffix
cycled = cycl\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed
writing = writ\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing
bounds = bound + s
selling = sell + ing
played = play + ed
fueled = fuel + ed
running = run + n + ing

4. Sometimes the prefix re- means “Again” and sometimes it means “Back”.

Word Find. Find these twelve words, each of which contains the prefix re-:

\begin{align*}& \text{repay} && \text{recycle} && \text{replace} && \text{rewrite} \\ & \text{rebuild} && \text{replay} && \text{refuel} && \text{redo} \\ & \text{relive} && \text{relight} && \text{redraw} && \text{rewritten}\end{align*}

Words in alphabetical order:

  1. rebuild
  2. recycle
  3. redo
  4. redraw
  5. refuel
  6. relight
  7. relive
  8. repay
  9. replace
  10. replay
  11. rewrite
  12. rewritten

Teaching Notes.

Item \begin{align*}2\end{align*}. Notice that in some of these words the distinction between “again” and “back” becomes quite subtle: for instance, recycled, replace, rebuild, replayed, and rerunning could in various contexts carry either of the two meanings. You might expect some differences of opinion here.

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