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4.17: The Meanings of Re-

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The Meanings of Re-

1. Sometimes the prefix re- means “again” and sometimes it means “back.”

2. All of the words below contain the prefix re-. Divide each word into its prefix and its shorter word. Then in the last column write down either “Again” or “Back,” depending on what you think the re- means in that word.

Word = Prefix + Shorter Word Re- means:
repay = re + pay “Back”
recycled = re + cycled “Again”
replace = re + place “Back”
rewriting = re + writing “Again”
rebuild = re + build “Again”
rebounds = re + bounds “Back”
reselling = re + selling “Again”
replayed = re + played Again”
reheat = re + heat “Again”
refueled = re + fueled “Again”
rerunning = re + running “Again”

3. Seven of the shorter words you found above can be divided into an even shorter freebase plus a suffix. Write the seven words in the “Words” column below and divide eachone into its free base and suffix. Show any twinning and final <e> deletion:

Word = Base Word + Suffix
cycled = cycle + ed
writing = write + ing
bounds = bound + s
selling = sell + ing
played = play + ed
fueled = fuel + ed
running = run + n + ing

4. Sometimes the prefix re- means “Again” and sometimes it means “Back”.

Word Find. Find these twelve words, each of which contains the prefix re-:


Words in alphabetical order:

  1. rebuild
  2. recycle
  3. redo
  4. redraw
  5. refuel
  6. relight
  7. relive
  8. repay
  9. replace
  10. replay
  11. rewrite
  12. rewritten

Teaching Notes.

Item 2. Notice that in some of these words the distinction between “again” and “back” becomes quite subtle: for instance, recycled, replace, rebuild, replayed, and rerunning could in various contexts carry either of the two meanings. You might expect some differences of opinion here.

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