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4.6: More Practice with Plural Suffixes

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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More Practice with Plural Suffixes

1. With this Wordflow you can change the fifteen singular nouns at the top of the page into fifteen plural nouns. Trace your path carefully. Decide which suffix each singular noun takes and in which box each plural noun should be written:

2. Now write the fifteen plural nouns in alphabetical order:

  1. animals
  2. attorneys
  3. bottles
  4. bushes
  5. classes
  6. countries
  7. dances
  8. demands
  9. fruits
  10. laughs
  11. societies
  12. speeches
  13. faxes
  14. uncles
  15. watches

3. Nouns that refer to more than one thing are called plural nouns.

4. Nouns that refer to just one thing are called singular nouns.

5. Be ready to talk about these questions:

  1. What is a suffix?
  2. What is a plural suffix?
  3. What is a noun?
  4. What is a singular noun?
  5. What is an element?
  6. What four letters are always vowels?
  7. What letters are sometimes vowels, sometimes consonants?
  8. What letters are always consonants?

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