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5.23: The Prefix Mis

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The Prefix Mis

1. The twelve words below all contain the same prefix:


What is the prefix in these words? mis-.

2. Copy each of the twelve words into the table below and analyze it into its prefix and free stem, as we've done with misshaped:

Word = Prefix + Free Stem
misshaped = mis + shaped
misspell = mis + spell
mistrust = mis + trust
mismatch = mis + match
misdeeds = mis + deeds
mismanage = mis + manage
miscues = mis + cues
misjudge = mis + judge
misquote = mis + quote
mislaid = mis + laid
misunderstand = mis + understand
mistreatment = mis + treatment

3. Not all words that start with the letters<mis> contain the prefix mis-. Read over the following words carefully. Try taking the <mis> away from each of them. Among these words if after you take away the <mis>, you have a free stem left over, you know you have the prefix mis-. But if you do not have a free stem left over, you do not have the prefix mis-:


Sort the twelve words into these two groups:

Words that contain the prefix mis-: Words that do not contain the prefix mis-:
mislay misty
misread misery
mismatches mister
mismanage missile
misleading mission
mistake missed

4. Combine the following prefixes, free stems, and suffixes. Show any cases of twinning, final <e> deletion, and changes of <y> to <i>:

Prefixes + Free Stems + Suffixes = Words
mis + shape+ ed = misshaped
mis + judge+ ed = misjudged
mis + take+ en = mistaken
re + move+ ing = removing
wrap + p + er = wrapper
quiz + z + ed = quizzed
un + tap + p + ed = untapped
if + f + y = iffy
un + decide+ ed = undecided
in + n + ing = inning

5. Try some the other way around. Analyze the words below into prefixes, free stems, and suffixes:

Word = Prefix + Free Stem + Suffix
mistakes = mis + take+ s
refinishes = re + finish + es
unblinking = un + blink + ing
mishaps = mis + hap + s
removed = re + move+ ed
mismanaging = mis + manage+ ing
untried = un + try + i + ed

Teaching Notes.

Item 4. The baseball term inning comes from the British game of cricket. An inning was a time “in” — that is, in from the field and at bat.

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