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5.7: More About un-1 and un-2

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

More About un-1 and un-2

1. The two prefixes spelled <un> have different meanings:

In the word unable, un- means “Not” . We will call this prefix un-^1.

In the word unlock, un- means “Reverse” . We will call this prefix un-^2.

2. Sort the following words into the two groups below:

& \text{unpack} && \text{uncolored} && \text{unfold} && \text{unfriendly} \\& \text{unoriginal} && \text{untie} && \text{unlock} && \text{unclear} \\& \text{unbutton} && \text{unobliged} && \text{unnoticed} && \text{unwaxed} \\& \text{unworried} && \text{unlicensed} && \text{unlined} && \text{unwrapping}

Words that contain . . .
Un-^1 Un-^2
unoriginal unnoticed unpack
unworried unlined unbutton
uncolored unfriendly untie
unobliged unclear unfold
unlicensed unwaxed unlock

3. Not every word that starts with the letters <un> contains a prefix un-. Read the following words and then sort them into the two groups below:

& \text{understand} && \text{units} && \text{untie} && \text{unbutton} \\& \text{unannounced} && \text{undoing} && \text{universe} && \text{union} \\& \text{unarmed} && \text{unchallenging} && \text{untruth} && \text{unable}

Words that contain a prefix un-: Words that do not contain a prefix un-
unannounced understand
unarmed unit
undoing universe
unchallenging union

4. Be ready to explain how you identified the words that do not contain a prefix un-.

Word Squares

& \text{undo} && \text{unbar} && && \text{unlock} && \text{unclear} && \text{uncolored} \\&  && \text{uncut} && && \text{unsung} && \text{unheard} && \text{untouched} \\& && \text{undid} && \text{untrue}\\ &  && \text{untie}

Teaching Notes.

This lesson might be a good time to introduce the students to the term homonym. Homonyms are words that are spelled and pronounced the same but have different meanings. We can say that elements like the two prefixes un-^1 and un-^2 are also homonyms.

Word Squares. If this is the students’ first Word Squares, point out to them that they should always start with words that they are sure of – such as singletons like the only 4- letter word in this list, undo. They should check for cases where they have two possible words for a row or column. For instance, untouched has the right number of letters to fit into the uncolored horizontal row. But to put untouched into that row would imply a 6-letter word with <t> for its fifth letter, and no such word is in the list. So uncolored must go in the row as given in the solution, leaving untouched for the 9-letter vertical column. This logic of implication is an important part of Word Squares.

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