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7.10: Review of Vowel Sounds

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Review of Vowel Sounds

1. Sort these thirty-two words into the eight groups below. Remember that [ur] has strong stress, and [ər] does not. Remember, too, that if a word has just one vowel sound, that vowel has a strong stress.


Words that contain. . .
[ur] [ər]
early serve humorist former
occurred worse voyager labor
reserve worship
journalist tourist
Words that contain...
[u¯] [yu¯] [u˙]
statue choose humorist wood
produce prove continue woolen
canoe include musically should
lose argue
Words that contain...
[u]: [oi]: [ou˙]
love voyager allowed
druggist voice thousand
poison mountain

2. Fill in the blanks:

Name of the sound:

Written symbol of the


Word that contains the


Short <u> [u] just
Dotted <u> [u˙] Answers will vary.
Long <oo> [u¯] Answers will vary
Long <yu> [yu¯] cute
Schwa [ə] Answers will vary

Watch the Middles!

journ al ist
journ al ist
journ al ist
journ al ist
al low ed
al low ed
al low ed
al low ed

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