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7.19: More Practice With the Final < e > Deletion Rule

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More Practice With the Final <e> Deletion Rule

1. Final <e> Deletion Rule. You delete a final <e> that marks a soft <c> or soft <g> only when you add a suffix that begins with the letters <e>, \begin{align*}\underline{<i>}\end{align*} , or <y>; you delete all other silent final <e>s whenever you add a suffix that starts with any vowel.

That rule is also true for the final <e>'s that mark a voiced <th> or insulate \begin{align*}<\mathrm{s}>\end{align*}, <z>, \begin{align*}<\mathrm{u}>\end{align*}, or <v>. For these final <e>'s are also deleted whenever you add a suffix that starts with any vowel.

2. Here are some free stems and suffixes for you to add together to practice your final <e> deletion rule. Show any changes:

Free Stem + Suffix = Word
glimps\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed = glimpsed
advantag\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed = advantaged
advantag\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed = advantaged
advantag\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + es = advantages
advantage + ous = advantageous
breath\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing = breathing
bronz\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed = bronzed
expensive + ly = expensively
nerv\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ous = nervous
argu\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing = arguing
cloth\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed = clothed
clothe + s = clothes
bath\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing = bathing
squeez\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing = squeezing
sneez\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed = sneezed
choos\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + y = choosy
wors\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + en = worsen
claus\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + s = clauses
gauz\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + y = gauzy
nerve + s = nerves

3. Analyze each of the following into its free stem and suffix. Be sure your analysis shows any final <e> deletions that occurred when the suffix was added:

Word = Stem + Suffix
removed = remov\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed
according = accord + ing
reserved = reserv\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed
analyzing = analyz\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing
achieved = achiev\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed
glimpses = glimps\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + es
accompanied = accompan\begin{align*}\cancel{y}\end{align*} + i + ed
producer = produc\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + er
appearances = appearanc\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + es
mouser = mous\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + er
expensive = expens\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ive
expensively = expensive + ly
starving = starv\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing
dissolved = dissolv\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed
voyaging = voyag\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing
adventurous = adventur\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ous
affected = affect + ed
admiring = admir\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing
addresses = address + es

4. Silent Final <e> Deletion Rule. You delete a silent final <e> that marks a soft <c> or soft <g> only when you add a suffix that begins with the letters <e>, \begin{align*}<\mathrm{i}>\end{align*}, or <y>; you delete all other silent final <e>'s whenever you add a suffix that starts with any vowel.

Word Pyramid. The two-letter word in this Pyramid is a bit tricky.

If you scramble the letters in reserve various ways, you can spell three other seven-letter words. How many can you get?

\begin{align*}reveres && reverse && severer\end{align*}

Teaching Notes.

Items 2 and 3. Be sure the students get the <e> deletion in clauses, glimpses, appearances.

Word Pyramid. Reserve contains letters for the following words: \begin{align*}6\end{align*} letters: reeves, revere, server, severe; \begin{align*}5\end{align*} letters: reeve, sever, veers, verse; \begin{align*}4\end{align*} letters: errs, ever, eves, revs, seer, sere, veer, vees; \begin{align*}3\end{align*} letters: ere, err, eve, rev, see, vee; \begin{align*}2\end{align*} letters: es (plural of e, also spelled es), re.

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