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8.10: The Prefix Sub-

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The Prefix Sub-

1. You have seen that when the prefix ad- is added to a stem, the <d> and [d] often assimilate and become more similar to the stem's first letter and sound, as in attempt and appear, ad + t + tempt and ad+ p + pear.

In the same way, when the prefix sub- is added to a stem, the <b> and [b] often assimilate to become more similar to the stem's first letter and sound. Thus, sub + m + mon = summon

2. In each of the words below, the first letters are some form of the prefix sub-. In some of them the <b> and [b] have assimilated, and in some they have not. Analyze each word into its prefix and stem, showing any assimilation:

Word = Prefix + Stem
summon = sub + m + mon
success = sub + c + cess
supply = sub + p + ply
subject = sub + ject
suffer = sub + f + fer
support = sub + p + port
submarine = sub + marine
sufficient = sub + f + ficient
suppose = sub + p + pose
substitute = sub + stitute
suburbs = sub + urbs
succeed = sub + c + ceed
surrogate = sub + r + rogate
suppress = sub + p + press
suggest = sub + g + gest
submitting = sub + mitting

2. Sort the words into these two groups:

Words in which the [b] and the
assimilated: did not assimilate:
summon subject
success submarine
supply substitute
suffer suburbs
support submitting

3. Now sort the words in which the <b> and [b] assimilated into these groups:

Words in which the
<f> <c> <p>
suffer success supply
sufficient succeed support
Words in which the
<g> <m> <r>
suggest summon surrogate

Word Find. This Find contains twenty words that start with some form of the prefix sub-


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