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8.19: Words With < ple > and < pple >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Words With <ple> and <pple>

Earlier you saw that with the spelling of [t] before the letters <le> there are two special smaller patterns that we called the VCle and the VCCle patterns, as in title and tattle.

In the VCle pattern, as in title, the vowel will be long, but in the VCCle pattern, as in tattle, the vowel will be short.

The VCle and VCCle patterns hold for words that have the letters <le> right after the sound [p]. Underline the letters that spell [p] in each word:

& \text{\underline{p}inea\underline{pp}le} && \text{cri\underline{pp}le} && \text{sam\underline{p}le} && \text{sta\underline{p}le} && \text{am\underline{p}le} \\& \text{sim\underline{p}le} && \text{ri\underline{pp}le} && \text{tem\underline{p}le} && \text{quadru\underline{p}le} && \text{ma\underline{p}le} \\& \text{disci\underline{p}le} && \text{stee\underline{p}le} && \text{exam\underline{p}le} && \text{su\underline{pp}le} && \text{\underline{p}eo\underline{p}le}

2. Sort the fifteen words into this matrix:

Words in which the [p] comes right after a ...
consonant sound long vowel sound short vowel sound

Words with

[p] spelled <\mathrm{p}>:












Words with [p]

spelled <pp>:





3. In words that have a [p] sound with <le> right after it, if the [p] comes right after a consonant or long vowel, the [p] is spelled \underline{<p>}. But if the [p] comes right after a short vowel sound, the [p] is spelled <pp>.

4. Sort the words with short vowels before the [p] into these two groups:

Words with [p] spelled . . .
<\mathrm{p}> <pp>
simple pineapple
sample cripple
temple ripple
example supple

If there is a consonant between the short vowel and the [p], we only need a single <\mathrm{p}> because the other consonant will fill out the VCCle pattern. But if there is no other consonant, we need both <\mathrm{p}>'s.

5. In the VCle pattern the vowel is long, but in the VCCle pattern the vowel is short.

6. Two ways of spelling [p] are \underline{<p>} and <pp>.

Word History. Although its name analyzes to pine + apple, a pineapple is neither pine nor an apple. In earlier centuries the word apple was often used to refer to fruit in general, and the word pineapple originally was used to refer to the fruit of the pine tree - that is, the pine cone. Later it was used to refer to the fruit from Hawaii because pineapples look very much like large pine cones.

Teaching Notes.

Item 1. Cripple and steeple are free bases, probably related to creep and steep. Ripple is a free base, of uncertain origin and structure though possibly related to rip “a turbulent piece of water.” Sample is a shortened form of example, though we now treat it as a free base. Staple “metal fastener” is a free base that comes from Old English stapol “post, pillar, column”; maple comes from Old English mapultrēow “maple tree.”

Item 2. Again, it should be made clear to the students that the way the directions are given, other than underlining them, they do not have to worry about the initial <\mathrm{p}>'s in pineapple and people.

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