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9.17: How Do You Spell [b]?

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How Do You Spell [b]?

1. You can hear the consonant sound [b] at the beginning and end of the word bib. Underline the letters that spell [b] in the following words:

\begin{align*}& \text{\underline{b}ul\underline{b}} && \text{o\underline{b}ject} && \text{\underline{b}lossom} && \text{\underline{b}uy} \\ & \text{o\underline{b}tain} && \text{suita\underline{b}le} && \text{su\underline{b}ject}b && \text{com\underline{b}ine} \\ & \text{so\underline{b}} && \text{inhi\underline{b}it} && \text{\underline{b}ottle} && \text{repu\underline{b}lic} \\ & \text{a\underline{b}solute} && \text{exhi\underline{b}it} && \text{\underline{b}uilding}&& \text{um\underline{b}rella} \\ & \text{\underline{b}alanced} && \text{\underline{b}ewilder} && \text{\underline{b}right} && \text{su\underline{b}ur\underline{b}}\end{align*}

2. Now sort the twenty words into these three groups:

Words in which the [b] is ...
in front in the middle in the middle at the end
bulb obtain subject bulb
balanced absolute combine sob
bewilder object republic suburb
blossom suitable umbrella
bottle inhibit suburb
building exhibit

3. What letter spells [b] in these twenty words? \begin{align*}\underline{<b>}\end{align*} The sound [b] is spelled that way about ninety-five times out of a hundred!

4. Most of the time [b] is spelled \begin{align*}\underline{<b>}\end{align*}.

Word Squares. Into this Squares you can fit twelve of the words listed in part 1 of this lesson. Fit them in and then write the twelve in alphabetical order in the blanks at the bottom of the Squares.

  1. bottle
  2. bright
  3. building
  4. bulb
  5. buy
  6. inhibit
  7. obtain
  8. republic
  9. subject
  10. suburb
  11. suitable
  12. umbrella

Teaching Note.

Word Squares. This Squares sounds harder than it really is. If the students remember to start with what they are absolutely sure of, they will start with the word buy in the only 3-letter slot in the puzzle: There are two only three-letter words in the list in Item 1, sob and buy. If they were to pick sob, they would need to find an 8-letter word that starts with <o>, and there is no such word in the list.in Item 1 There is, however, the 8-letter umbrella, which would require buy in the 3-letter slot. From that start, there are enough clues to lead unambiguously to the correct twelve words in the correct positions.

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