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9.18: Some Words With < bb >

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Some Words With <bb>

1. Underline the letters that spell [b] in the following words:

\begin{align*}&\text{\underline{{b}}right} && \text{cra\underline{{bb}}y} && \text{ra\underline{{bb}}it} && \text{scru\underline{{bb}}oard}\\ &\text{gra\underline{{bb}}ed} && \text{crum\underline{{b}}le} && \text{stu\underline{{bb}}orn} && \text{exhi\underline{{b}}it}\\ &\text{dum\underline{{bb}}ell} && \text{ri\underline{{bb}}on} && \text{ro\underline{{bb}}er} && \text{ho\underline{{bb}}y}\\ &\text{scru\underline{{bb}}ing} && \text{ca\underline{{bb}}age} && \text{ru\underline{{bb}}er} && \text{so\underline{{bb}}ed}\end{align*}

2. Now sort the sixteen words into these groups:

Words with [b] spelled ...
<bb> \begin{align*}<\mathrm{b}>\end{align*}
grabbed stubborn bright
dumbbell robber crumble
scrubbing rubber exhibit
crabby scrubboard
ribbon hobby
cabbage sobbed

3. Twinning Rule. You twin the final consonant of a free stem that has one vowel sound and ends CVC when you add a suffix that starts with a vowel. And you twin the final consonant of a free stem that has two vowel sounds whenever you add a suffix that starts with a vowel if the stem ends CVC and has strong stress on the final vowel before and after you add the suffix.

In six of the sixteen words [b] is spelled <bb> because of twinning. Find the six words, write them below and then analyze them to show where the <bb> comes from:

Word with <bb> from twinning = Analysis
grabbed = grab + b + ed
scrubbing = scrub + b + ing
crabby = crab + b + y
robber = rob + b +er
rubber = rub + b + er
sobbed = sob + b + ed

4. Sometimes double consonants are caused by simple addition, when one element in a word ends with the same consonant with which the next element starts. Two of the sixteen words you just worked with have <bb> in them because of simple addition. Write them below and analyze them into their two parts to show where the two \begin{align*} <\mathrm{b}> \end{align*}'s come from:

Word with <bb> from twinning = Analysis
dumbbell = dumb + bell
scrubboard = scrub + board

5. In the VCC pattern the vowel will usually be short. Some words have <bb> in them in order to fill out the VCC pattern so as to mark a short vowel. The remaining five of the sixteen words all have <bb> because of the VCC pattern. Find them and write them below. Mark the VCC pattern, starting with the vowel right in front of the <bb>:

\begin{align*}& ribbon && cabbage && rabbit && stubborn && hobby\end{align*}

6. Two ways to spell [b] are \begin{align*}\underline{<b>}\end{align*} and <bb>. Almost \begin{align*}100 \%\end{align*} of time [b] is spelled one of these two ways.

Word Histories. Rubber is called rubber because it was originally (and still is) used in erasers, with which you rub out mistakes. There are two crab’s in English: the first refers to the marine animal with claws and the second refers to a small, sour apple. We're not sure whether the use of crab to refer to a sour and unpleasant person came from the animal or the apple, or both. But a person who is crabby is like a crab, one way or the other.

Teaching Notes.

Item 1. Dictionaries show scrubboard pronounced with [b-b], which it is in careful, “recitation” speech. But in everyday, informal speech it is usually pronounced with just a single [b].

For more on the spelling of [b], see AES, pp. 328-33.

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