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9.19: Words With < ble > and < bble >

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Words With <ble> and <bble>

1. In the VCCle pattern the vowel is short, but in the VCle pattern the vowel is long.

2. Underline the letters that spell [b] in each of the following words:

\begin{align*} &\text{a\underline{{b}}le} && \text{pe\underline{{bb}}le} && \text{scram\underline{{b}}le} && \text{fee\underline{{b}}le}\\ & \text{scri\underline{{bb}}le} && \text{trem\underline{{b}}le} && \text{\underline{{b}}i\underline{{b}}le} && \text{go\underline{{bb}}ler}\\ & \text{resem\underline{{b}}le} && \text{no\underline{{b}}le} && \text{ru\underline{{bb}}le} && \text{hum\underline{{b}}le}\\ & \text{gam\underline{{b}}le} && \text{\underline{{b}}u\underline{{bb}}le} && \text{ni\underline{{bb}}le} && \text{ta\underline{{b}}le}\\\end{align*}

3. Sort the sixteen words into this matrix:

Words in which the [b] comes right...
after a consonant after a long vowel
Words with [b] spelled \begin{align*}<\mathrm{b}>\end{align*}











Words with [b] spelled <bb>







4. When there is <le> right after a [b] with a consonant or a long vowel right in front of it, the [b] is spelled \begin{align*}\underline{<b>}\end{align*}. When there is <le> right after a [b] with a short vowel sound right in front of it, the [b] is spelled <bb>.

5. So far you have worked with two different spellings of [b]: \begin{align*}\underline{<b>}\end{align*} and <bb>.

6. As we've said, one or the other of these two spellings is used almost \begin{align*}100\%\end{align*} of the time. The only other spelling of [b] occurs in just two words: cupboard and raspberry. Both are compound words. Analyze each into its two stems:

Compound Word = Stem#1 + Stem#2
cupboard = cup + board
raspberry = rasp + berry

Notice that [pb] is hard to say. To make the words easier to say, we leave out the [p]. So in these two words [b] is spelled <pb>.

But every other time [b] is spelled either \begin{align*}<\mathrm{b}>\end{align*} or <bb>. And the <bb> is always due to twinning, simple addition, or to the VCC pattern - though we must remember the little sub-pattern with <ble> and <bble>.

Teaching Notes.

Item 1. The VCle and VCCle patterns are introduced in Book 4, Lesson 27.

Item 5. The way in which the [p] is lost in <pb> in cupboard and raspberry parallels the way the [b] is lost in <bp> in subpoena : When [b] and [p] come together, the sound of the first is lost. See AES, p. 328, section 26.2.2. The bound base rasp in raspberry has nothing to do with rasp “coarse file.” It is formed from an earlier English word raspis “raspberry,” itself probably from Latin raspecia “raspberry.” The free base berry was probably added as a clarifier much as apple was added to the earlier crab “a wild, sour apple.”

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