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9.23: Lesson Twenty-three

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How Do You Spell [d]?

1. You can hear the consonant sound [d] at the beginning and end of the word did. Underline the letters that spell [d] in the following words:

 &\text{atten\underline{{d}}ance} && \text{suici\underline{{d}}e} && \text{scol\underline{{d}}ed} && \text{fol\underline{{d}}er}\\&\text{bewil\underline{{d}}er} &&\text{in\underline{{d}}ict} &&\text{\underline{{d}}ebt}  &&\text{\underline{{d}}oughnut}\\&\text{evi\underline{{d}}ent} &&\text{\underline{{d}}ifficult} &&\text{ra\underline{{d}}io} &&\text{\underline{{d}}eci\underline{{d}}e\underline{{d}}}\\&\text{liqui\underline{{d}}} &&\text{seclu\underline{{d}}e\underline{{d}}} &&\text{exten\underline{{d}}}  &&\text{correspon\underline{{d}}}\\&\text{buil\underline{{d}}ing} && \text{crow\underline{{d}}e\underline{{d}}} &&\text{\underline{{d}}ivi\underline{{d}}e} &&\text{\underline{{d}}evelop}\\

2. Sort the twenty words into these three groups. Some words will go into more than one group:

Words in which [d] is...
in the front in the middle at the end
difficult attendance liquid
debt bewilder suicide
divide evident secluded
doughnut building crowded
decided indict scolded
develop secluded extend
crowded divide
scolded decided
radio correspond

3. How is [d] spelled in all of these words?\underline{<d>}.More than nine times out of ten [d] is spelled that way.

Crosswords. The following crossword puzzle contains only words from this lesson.


1. LIQUID—Fluid

6. BUILDING—A structure

8. DEBT—Something owed

10. BEWILDER—Confuse

12. SCOLDED—Bawled out



3. RADIO—A communication device

4. DOUGHNUT—A round treat

5. SUICIDE—Killing oneself

7. DIFFICULT—Hard, not easy

9. EXTEND—Stretch

11. INDICT—Officially accuse

Teaching Notes.

For more on the spelling of [d], see AES, pp. 337-42.

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