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12.24: Test Six

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
Words Analysis
1. guaranteed [r] = <r> [g] = <gu> [ē] = <ee>
2. although [ō] = <ou>
3. terrify [r] = <rr> due to VCC pattern
4. violence [ī] = <i> in the pattern V.V
5. exclusive [ū] = <u> in the pattern VCV
6. poltergeist [ī] = <ei>
7. glorious [ē] = <i> in the pattern V.V
8. disclose Prefix + free base = dis + close
9. roughly [u] = <ou> [f] = <gh>
10. sleight [ī] = <ei> [t] = <ght>

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Date Created:
Oct 09, 2015
Last Modified:
Jun 02, 2016
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