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13.19: More Words with < cc > – and More on [ks]

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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1. The following words all contain assimilated forms of the prefixes ad-, sub-, or ob-. Analyze each one into prefix plus stem to show where the <cc> comes from, and fill in the blanks:

Word Analysis: Prefix + Stem The letter after <cc> is ... The <cc> spells the sound ...
accounting ad+ c + counting <o> [k]
accessory ad + c + cessory <e> [ks]
accompanied ad + c + companied <o> [k]
occurred ob + c + curred <u> [k]
occasionally ob + c + casionally <a> [k]
accidentally ad + c + cidentally <i> [ks]
accomplishment ad + c + complishment <o> [k]
successor sub + c + cessor <e> [ks]
succinctly sub + c + cinctly <i> [ks]
occupation ob + c + cupation <u> [k]

2. When there is an <i> or an <e> right after <cc>, the <cc> is pronounced [ks]; otherwise <cc> is pronounced [k].

3. You've seen that sometimes <cc> spells [k] and sometimes it spells [ks]. All of the following words contain the sound [ks], spelled different ways. Underline the letters that spell the [ks] in each of these words:


4. Sort the fifteen words into these groups:

Words in which [ks] is spelled ...
<cs> <cks> <ks> <x>
picnics knocks hawks exclusive
economics wrecks shrieks extend
medics sharks exclamation

5. Look at the words in which [ks] is spelled <cs>, <cks>, or <ks>. Each one consists of a free stem and a suffix. Analyze each word to show what the free stem and suffix are:

Word Analysis: Free Stem + Suffix
picnics picnic + s
economics economic + s
medics medic + s
knocks knock + s
wrecks wreck + s
hawks hawk + s
shrieks shriek + s
sharks shark + s

5. When [ks] is spelled <cs>, <ks>, or <cks> the <s> is usually the suffix -s.

Teaching Notes.

Item 3. Re: economics. The suffix -ics is defined in the Random House Unabridged as “a suffix of nouns that denote a body of facts, knowledge, principles, etc. usually corresponding to adjectives ending in -ic”. However, they also describe -ics as the plural of -ic, which explains our analysis.

Re: the <x> words. For more on the <x> spelling of [ks] and of the voiced counterpart [gz] (in exact), see Book 6, Lesson 43, especially the teaching notes.

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