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4.24: Test Six

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Words Analysis
1. unmixed Prefix + Free Base + Suffix = un + mix + ed
2. churches Free Base + Suffix = church + es
3. pattern [p] = \begin{align*}\underline{<p>}\end{align*}<p> , [t] = \begin{align*}\underline{<tt>}\end{align*}<tt>, [r] = <r>
4. grandfather Free Base + Free Base = grand + father
5. clothing Free Base + Suffix = cloth\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ing
6. unions \begin{align*}[\mathrm{y} \bar{\mathrm{o o}}] = \underline{<u>},<s>\end{align*} = [z]
7. picnics [k] = <c> and <c>, \begin{align*}<s>\end{align*} = [s]
8. yesterday [y] = <y>, \begin{align*}[\bar{\mathrm{a}}]\end{align*} = <ay>
9. princesses [s] = <c> and <ss>,[z] = \begin{align*}\underline{<s>}\end{align*}
10. reviewers Prefix + Free Base + Suffix + Suffix = re + view + er + s

Teaching Notes.

5. The final <e> deletion is crucial. Clothing is formed from the verb clothe, not from the noun cloth.

Questions to ask: Why the -es in churches and princesses, but -s in unions, picnics, and reviewers? Why does the <c> in princesses spell [s] while the ones in picnics spell [k]? Why the difference in the way \begin{align*}-s\end{align*} is pronounced in unions and picnics? If you were to make grandfather into a plural, which suffix would you add and how would it be pronounced—and why?

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Feb 23, 2012
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