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5.17: Review of Stems and Sounds

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1. In each of the analyzed words below underline the stem as we have done with unbarred. Watch how each different analysis uncovers a different stem:

Words Analyses
unbarred un + barred unbar + r + ed un + bar + r + ed
unties un + ties untie + s un + tie + s
unlocked un + locked unlock + ed un + lock + ed
disobeys dis + obeys disobey + s dis + obey + s
jokers joker + s jok\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{e}}\end{align*} + er + s
unhurried un + hurried un + hurr\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{y}}\end{align*} + i + ed

2. In the words below you will find some suffixes that may be new to you. Don’t worry about that for now. Just underline the stems again:

Words Analyses
tricksters trickster + s trick + ster + s
rescuers rescuer + s rescu\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{e}}\end{align*} + er + s
disagreeable dis + agreeable disagree + able dis + agree + able
studiously studious + ly stud\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{y}}\end{align*} + i + ous + ly
oboists oboist + s obo\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{e}}\end{align*} + ist + s
statuettes statuette + s statu\begin{align*}\cancel{\mathrm{e}}\end{align*} + ette + s

3. For each word below give the correct spelling or sound called for in the Sounds and Spellings column. Then in the Another Word column write a word that contains the same sound spelled the same way, as we have done with the first one:

Words Sounds and Spellings Other Words
foxes [ks] = <x> fix
coughed [f] = <gh> laugh
dyed \begin{align*}[\bar{\mathrm{i}}]\end{align*} = <y> lye
locks [ks] = <cks> backs
rescue \begin{align*}<u> = [y\bar{u}]\end{align*} value
trees \begin{align*}[\bar{\mathrm{e}}]\end{align*} = <ee> bees
shoes <oe> = \begin{align*}[\bar{u}]\end{align*} canoe
thousand [th] = \begin{align*}<th>\end{align*} thin
quitting [kw] = <qu> queen
marriage [r] = <rr> carry
genie \begin{align*}[\bar{\mathrm{e}}]\end{align*} = <e> and <ie> react, eerie
toes \begin{align*}<\mathrm{s}>\end{align*} = [z] goes
letting [t] = \begin{align*}<tt>\end{align*} settle
matches [ch] = <tch> watch
mechanics [ks] = <cs> comics

4. When the suffix -es is added to verbs that end with the letter <y> with a consonant letter in front of it, the <y> is changed to \begin{align*}\underline{<i>}\end{align*} and the -es is pronounced [z].

5. When you want to make a plural out of a singular noun that ends in the sounds [s], [z], [sh], or [ch], you add the suffix -es, and the suffix is pronounced [iz].

Word Venn. This Venn works just like the others you have done, except that it has three intersecting circles. So you have more groups into which to sort the words you are given. In Circle A put only singular nouns that end in silent <e>. In Circle B put only singular nouns that contain a long vowel. In Circle \begin{align*}C\end{align*} put only singular nouns that take the plural suffix -es.

\begin{align*}& \text{cough} \surd && \text{joker} \surd && \text{mechanic} \surd && \text{notice} \surd \\ & \text{circle} \surd && \text{license} \surd && \text{fox} \surd && \text{genie} \surd \\ & \text{expense} \surd && \text{try} \surd && \text{discharge} \surd && \text{obey} \surd \\ & \text{rescue} \surd && \text{match} \surd && \text{sence} \surd && \text{sky} \surd\end{align*}

Teaching Notes.

Item 1. If students are uncertain about which part to underline as the stem, remind them that every stem must contain at least one base. So any parts that contain only prefixes or suffixes cannot be stems.

Item 3. Answers will vary in the Other Words column.

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