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13.1: Chapter 13: Earth’s Fresh Water

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Chapter Overview

This chapter describes the water cycle and sources of Earth’s fresh water, including streams, lakes, wetlands, and groundwater.

Online Resources

See the following Web sites for appropriate laboratory activities:

In the modeling lab at the following URL, students will learn the components of a watershed, identify examples of point- and nonpoint-source pollution, and then build a 3-D model of a watershed.

This lab addresses groundwater by asking: How much runoff is created by an average shopping mall parking lot? Students will calculate the yearly runoff created by a parking lot and the loss of water that would have entered the groundwater system.

These Web sites may also be helpful:

You can access many teaching resources from the USGS Water Science School at this URL: http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/.

Another Web site with water-related resources for teachers and students is: http://thewaterproject.org/resources/.

You can find numerous teaching resources and lesson plans about water at the following URL.

Pacing the Lessons

Lesson Class Period(s) (60 min)
13.1 Water on Earth 1.5
13.2 Surface Water 2.0
13.3 Groundwater 2.0

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