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11.2: Writing Formulas and Naming Covalent Compounds

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Student Behavioral Objectives

  • The students will name binary covalent compounds using the IUPAC nomenclature system.
  • The students will provide formulas for binary covalent compounds given the IUPAC name.

Timing, Standards, Activities

Timing and California Standards
Lesson Number of 60 min periods CA Standards
Writing Fromulas and Naming Covalent Compounds 1.0 2b

Activities for Lesson 2

Laboratory Activities

1. None


1. None


1. Completion of Worksheet from Chapter 10

Extra Readings

1. None

Answers for Writing Formulas and Naming Covalent Compounds (L2) Review Questions

  • Sample answers to these questions are available upon request. Please send an email to teachers-requests@ck12.org to request sample answers.

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