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24.9: Laboratory Activities for Chapter 24

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Basic Nuclear Lab Kit

Listed below is one commercial lab kit for nuclear labs. There are several others available from high school chemistry vendors. All of them with lab manuals.

The Basic Nuclear Lab Set is a complete student station designed for high school and college level nuclear science instruction. The system may be used with or without a computer, and consists of a lab station with built-in Geiger-Mueller counter, scaler with preset time, large 6-decade LED display, sample positioning tray and 11- piece radiation absorber set. The system features a variable high voltage power supply for plateau measurements, serial interface and cable with DATALINK software for data transfer to PC. System includes alpha, beta and gamma radioisotope sources & experiment manuals. Data files are stored in spreadsheet compatible format for graphing and manipulation prior to printing.

To ensure the longest half-life possible, all isotopes are fabricated when the order is placed and shipped directly to you from the NRC licensed nuclear isotope manufacturer in Oak Ridge, TN. The system may be used with Nuclear lab station with GM counter, serial interface and DATALINK software.

Serial cable for PC

Set of three radioisotope sources, 1 each alpha, beta, and gamma disks

Nuclear science experiments manual with sample data. CD version.

Basic Nuclear Lab Kit: $985.00

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