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23.6: Multimedia Resources for Chapter 23

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Gummy Bear Terminator Demo.

Oxidation-reduction demos.

Electrochemical Cell animation.

Electroplating lesson.

This web site offers text material on the demise of the phlogiston theory and some history about some early chemists.

This website offers a short animated video on electron transfer during oxidation-reduction.

This web site offers more information on oxidation-reduction and other aspects of electrochemistry.

This video shows the process in balancing a redox equation.

The following website provides more information in balancing redox reactions.

This website provides an interactive animation of electrolysis.

This animation shows the function of a galvanic cell.

The learner.org website allows users to view streaming videos of the Annenberg series of chemistry videos. You are required to register before you can watch the videos but there is no charge. The website has one video that relates to this lesson called “The Busy Electron” that explains the principles of electrochemical cell design through batteries, sensors, and a solar-powered car.

The following provides text and animations about electrochemical cells and batteries.

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